Sentence frames

Sometimes having a frame that you know you can rely on, no matter how unexpected a question, comment, or situation is, can help offer support and confidence responding to children in meaningful ways.

*Ask Questions to Gain Clarity

“Can you tell me more about that?”

 “What do you mean when you say that?”


*Interrupt what feels violent and give yourself time to learn more

“I feel worried this is harmful to __________ but I am not exactly sure why. I am going to learn more and tell you what I learn tomorrow!”


*Interrupt what feels violent and explain why

“We get a lot of messages that say _______ but that’s actually not true because _____________”


*Express Empathy for the Underlying Need and Help Find Nonviolent Strategy

“I wonder if you are saying that because your needs for ___________ are not being met. Let’s think together about another way you can get your need for ____________ met without harming anyone.”


You can ALWAYS say: 

“Thank you for asking me that. I don’t know the answer. I will learn more and talk with you about it soon.”